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Now in Bulgaria: pay and get paid with Banqup

January 1, 2024
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For any business, invoicing is a time-consuming process that requires switching between different platforms, rote memorization, transcribing information in multiple places, and more. To make it easier for companies, we've made another Banqup feature available in Bulgaria - checkout and make payments through the platform. This gives businesses the ability to go fully digital - faster, more efficient, with more secure payments, the ability to track delinquencies, view balances and cash flow on the go, and more.↪Po_FF_200D↩

Now available in Bulgaria - pay and make payments via Banqup. The goal - to facilitate the work of companies and business to be administered entirely digitally.


With Banqup you can make payments to your suppliers and partners without consuming time and resources.

No manual data entry

You enter the recipient's information once and don't do it again - it's all saved in your platform profile.

Secure payments

The Banqup ID app authorizes your identity to make sure no one else has access to the data you're working with through the platform.

Digital Archive

Banqup gives you the ability to store all your paid bills and invoices in one place for up to 10 years.

Banqup mobile app

With the mobile app, you check balances and pay on the go, from anywhere in the world in real time.

Incoming payments

With Banqup, you create your invoices in seconds and get paid more easily and with greater traceability of arrears.

Create invoices in seconds

It takes less than a minute to create and send an invoice in a convenient way for the recipient.

Quicker payments

In the e-invoices you create in Banqup you can add a payment button via Banqup Paylink for faster payment - 1 click = 1 payment.

Checking arrears

To avoid late payments, Banqup sends automatic reminders for any overdue payments

Easily receive payments

Receive your payments quickly and easily through Open Banking.

Reconciliation of payments

Using Banqup Paylink , payments are reconciled automatically.

Still not convinced that Banqup payments will be the tool for your business? Learn more about the benefits here: https://www.banqup.bg/kompanii/funktsii/plashtaniya

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