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Banqup for accountants

Creates the digital connection between you and your clients.

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Why choose Banqup?

Why accountants choose Banqup

Banqup was created to make it easy for you. Because we know that your time is better spent providing expert financial advice rather than manually filling out thousands of documents a week.

Automate processes, take advantage of real-time access to client documents, and use the additional information you learn to improve yourself professionally.

Seamless digital connection

One digital connection with your customers

Thanks to Banqup, your company can have access to your customers' e-invoices, documents and payments to improve your operations, communication and business relationships.

Manage your clients' work from one place
Connect your accounting software to Banqup
Be ready for mandatory e-invoicing
Put an end to manual data entry
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Embrace digital ways of working with Banqup

Digitizing processes saves time, creates smarter ways of working, and enables real-time collaboration.

With Banqup, both you and your customers can automate manual, resource-consuming tasks and invest your time where it's needed most.

Discover how digitization can help you, your company, and your clients.


Accounting integration with ease

Banqup creates a financial ecosystem that is completely independent from other accounting software.

Continue working with your familiar ERP or accounting platforms and just submit invoices, documents and customer data from Banqup to the systems you use.

Discover more about the integrations offered by Banqup.

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"Thanks to Banqup, we receive and deliver information in real-time, which allows us to better advise the client and have more time to get into the details."
Daniel Lorent


Frequently Asked Questions

What else did accountants ask about Banqup?

Questions? We're here to help

How does Banqup work?

Simply send your invoices, receipts and financial documents to Banqup. Via email, drag and drop or by taking a picture on your smartphone. Learn more about the different upload methods on our blog.

Banqup's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology then converts the text and data from your financial documents into digital files. This not only significantly reduces manual data entry, but means your document becomes digital. Give your accountant access to your digital documents and pay them directly into the Banqup platform.

How much does Banqup cost?

Check out our subscription plans page to find out the different subscription levels and pricing of Banqup.

What will be the benefit for my company from Banqup?

The benefit to you will be smarter, more smoothly running processes.

No more data entry, no more tracking receipts: just real-time data review and instant access to documents. Show your clients that your time is better spent by being their strategic advisor. And leave the administrative tasks to Banqup.

Can I restrict the use and access of employees from my company?

Yes, you can decide which of your clients to be visible to which of your employees. Define user levels and set rules that work for you.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.

OCR is a technique used for electronic data retrieval. Invoices and documents are scanned by Banqup and data is extracted from there.

Banqup always uses automatic OCR, which is included in all subscriptions as standard. There is also manual OCR in Banqup - for 100% invoice recognition, but for this your customers need the Banqup Premium subscription.

How can I contact Banqup support?

There are several ways to contact Banqup support - by email, by phone or via the enquiry form on our support page. Check out the support page for more details.

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