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About us

Banqup automates payment and invoicing processes

At Banqup, we strive to simplify payments and invoicing by taking away the mundane daily tasks and digitalising the processes for you

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We help you

How can Banqup help you?

Banqup simplifies and automates your tasks. Payment tasks at the touch of a button, invoicing in no time at all and billing in a matter of clicks.

In addition, your tasks are made even easier by the availability of simplified links and references - only one link is needed to connect each business with its accountant. You can easily connect Banqup to your ERP, CRM or accounting platform.

Use Banqup to avoid wasting more time on time-consuming administrative and financial tasks.

Who is Banqup for

Who does Banqup help?

Banqup for small and medium businesses

From sole traders to freelancers to small businesses, Banqup is your digital solution, always available wherever you are.

Banqup for accountants

Be in constant direct contact with your customers thanks to the connection that Banqup provides. Benefit from instant access to documents managed through your own Banqup console.

Banqup partnerships

Are you a telecom or ERP system? Banqup can be your billing and payments partner.

Looking for a solution for big businesses? Take a look at our enterprise inbound and outbound document solutions that are compatible with Banqup and its robust ecosystem.

How Banqup came about?

Banqup is the small business solution of Unifiedpost Group, an international fintech leader, connecting businesses through one secure cloud-based platform.                                                                                                            
Throughout the world, businesses are digitalising their financial value chain: from order to invoice, payment and financing. For this evolution to succeed, there must be a trusted network connecting various applications and systems in one ecosystem.               
Banqup enables enterprises to create a space where this network can exist and provide streamlined, automated business functions - from electronic invoicing and processing of payments to working capital financing, e-identity solutions and more.

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Secure payments

Guaranteed security

Rest assured, you are using a secure solution to manage your payments and invoicing.

Banqup payments are managed by Unifiedpost Payments - a supervised Payment Institution by the National Bank of Belgium. Unifiedpost Payments complies with security standards imposed by EC & EBA regulation, so you do not have to worry when using Banqup to pay and get paid.

Since April 2022, Banqup’s Information Security Management System ("ISMS") has been certified by BSI, according to the strict requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Our certificate number is IS 756346.

Banqup assists you

Have a query or want to get started with Banqup?
Reach out to a member of our Banqup customer service team who is always available with answers and assistance.

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